About us

Founded in 1937 by the Association of Master Printers of Montreal, which had its head office on Mount Royal Avenue in Montreal, Le Maître Imprimeur was intended to be the official organ of this Association at the time. The publication later became the official voice of the Association des arts graphiques du Québec (AAGQ) in June 1983, until this Association closed in January 2006.



Le Maître Imprimeur was revived in October 2006 as a result of a partnership between Pierre Belle (former owner of Litho Mille-Îles) and Luc Saumure (former publisher of AMPQ).


Following a break in spring 2009, caused by severe turbulence in the graphic arts sector,Le Maître Imprimeur's activities have looked up again since January 2010.


Following a break in spring 2009, caused by severe turbulence in the graphic arts industry, Le Maître Imprimeur activities have flared up in January 2010, becoming the property of 7591004 Canada Inc., founded by Luc Saumure. Modernized both the content and the artwork, we had again a specialist representative magazine that offers a unique platform where industry people can express themselves and know the latest news and products. The industry was then an important window to serve effectively as artisans, businesses and various manufacturers.


Le Maître Imprimeur had resumed its position as an effective communications medium dedicated to the graphic arts and printing sector. With nearly three quarters of a century of existence, making it one of the oldest specialty publications in Quebec, this important publication has finally regained its former glory.


In spring 2015, due to lack of support of this industry that is undergoing profound changes in recent decades, Le Maître Imprimeur had to again stop the publication paper and its web version.


The graphic arts industry being helpless again with a loud voice that serves their interests, we have decided to relaunch the web version. Although we have always maintained that the print industry could not be adequately represented by a media web while first mandate it is to print, we had to revise our position, following requests from several interveners of graphic arts need this showcase. Although we are in the era of electronic communication, we hope to one day, be able to offer again paper version...